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I’m very interested to learn more about your issues and needs. Let me know if you have any questions that I could offer some answers to. There are many changes in the accessible design fields from many new products to many more person’s entering into the field. It’s a great time for independence and in future blogs we will discuss everything from good design to thoughtful products that will make life easier…Ron Mace an Architect who had a disability coined the term ” Universal Design ” was a brilliant designer, architect and advocate and I was fortunate to have met and learned from him. Ron would have been very excited about how things have progressed. The Yang to that it has also become more expensive, the companies making these new products are mostly larger firms, who need to recoup their investments. But there are alternatives and as more persons, especially the senior market,  continue to purchase these product lines, they will come down in price…yes the ” Ying” !

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