Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions. Feel free to contact us to ask questions.


1 Can I use a ramp for a few steps within my house?
2 Why can’t a ramp start at a door. Is a Landing required or needed?
3 What are the different ramp types ? How do I choose between wood, aluminum, metal or Trex?
4 What size should a doorway width be? Does it depend on my wheelchair or walker or other type of appliance?
5 What are the different types of stair-lifts?
6 Can stair-lifts make turns?
7 What is the difference between using stair-lift and using a wheelchair lift?
8 When is a wheelchair lift or inclined platform lift applicable?
9 Is an elevator for me? How do I determine if an elevator would work in my home or business?
10 When do I need an architect?
11 What do I need to know when selecting a contractor?
12 How do I find the right contractor for my project?
13 What is a roll-in shower and how does it work? Can I use one in my bathroom?
14 What is a pre-fabricated roll-in shower and how is it different from a tile shower?
15 What are the differences between straight, custom and flip-up grab bars? How do I decide on a style?